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Back to the Cubeture 1 as you probably already know was Edible Castle's first game, released back in October 2009. Now it's time for a sequel and the 2nd era in the Cubeture series!

Travel back in time with the ultimate friend Cuboy as he once again finds himself in a spot of bother with his troublesome feline nemesis, the downright unruly, Esquire Padrino!

The sequel will feature approx:
• 35 fully voiced characters
• 5 complete mini-game with high scores
• Loads of stupid outfits to customise Cuboy
• 4 times the amount of gameplay
• Triple the amount of locations


Why not! The first game was so well received it'd be a tragedy not to continue the series. It was nominated for game of the year on various websites, made an appearance in the official Playstation 3 magazine and scored around 2.5 million plays to date.


Hmmm, hopefully it'll be out and about sometime this Winter. With everyone in the team either in full time work or education it's often tricky to get good momentum on projects like this. But we've got around 90% of the whole project done.


How? How what? How can you keep in touch with us to see the latest developments for Back to the Cubeture Era 2? Glad you asked. The easiest way would be either on our twitter or facebook page.

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